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We offer a wide range of tailored First Aid Courses benefiting any organisation, large or small, profit or non-profit. Meet health and safety requirements with our fun and experienced team of instructors. Learning vital skills together can strengthens social connections and the feeling of responsibility towards co-workers and organisation. Everyone will have a great experience together and you have a chance to do something enriching for your company and at the same time combine all corporate levels to learn something together. SK First Aid will teach your staff how to become safety conscious and be able to spot hazards in the workplace, reducing the number of workplace incidents.


Employee Rewards, Recognition and Staff Appreciation!

The gift of First Aid is a great way to reward your employees and give recognition for targets met, achievements, anniversaries and milestones.


Please contact us to find out about our exclusive cooperate discounts and how we can reward and motivate your business team. Courses can be taught in our Sai Kong facility or in your chosen venue/ workplace.

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