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  • Are all dives done from Sai Kung?
    For most courses and socials we dive sites based around Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay. However our Safaris do venture to other areas….
  • What is the minimum age you need to be to learn to dive?
    Age requirements can range depending on the level of course, check out all of our courses in the menu bar above
  • I’m certified with another dive organisation, can I still take part in your courses & events?"
    Yes! We accept certifications from a vast range of Scuba Diving Agencies, and in most cases cross over courses are available for those looking to advance their skills
  • I can’t swim, am I able to learn to Scuba Dive?"
    There is a mandatory swim test to complete before first learning to dive. The test consists of a 200m swim and a 10 minute float.
  • Am I able to do part of the course with Sai Kung Scuba and then complete with another PADI dive shop?
    Yes you can. Courses are module in structure and records of your progress are saved and can be sent to other PADI dive shops across the globe. In most cases, your certification would remain registered with Sai Kung Scuba
  • I have a disability/ medical condition, can I still learn to dive"
    All divers must complete a medical form before diving, and have clearance from their doctor in the event of any existing medical condition or disability before they can dive. Once this is obtained you are free to join a course or event. We have instructor certified in Adaptive Diving techniques, which help those with special needs learn to dive
  • I have my own boat, do you have guides/instructors available for private courses or dive days?"
    Yes we can arrange guides and equipment, however there will need to be some paperwork and procedures we’d need to go through, give us a call to chat about it!
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