Aqua Terra Performance is a seaside fitness studio started by two fitness enthusiasts, Esther and Niall.

Their fitness, yoga and stand up paddle (SUP) studio is a reflection of their love for the ocean, fitness and wellness. Fitness and getting active isn't just about losing weight and looking good, but about living healthier and happier lives.


Dragon Fire and Safety offer fire safety training, fire safety management and fire risk assessment services to corporations, organisations and homes in Hong Kong and Asia. Their main area of business is fire warden training to ensure your business has trained personnel to ensure a smooth and safe evacuation in the event of fire. 


We offer 1:1 Kinesiology treatments with an Australian trained, U.K. registered Practitioner  ( #11842, U.K. Kinesiology Federation). Kinesiology brings together a thorough understanding of Anatomy & Physiology with Eastern Energy Medicine, such as TCM. We work with adults and children to help you address emotional or health concerns, manage stress, remove blocks to your goals and live healthier and happier.


Mindfulness and wellbeing programmes, clubs and workshops for small groups. They teach a variety of valuable, life-long skills in an enjoyable way. The key aim is to allow you to take back control and responsibility for your body and mind, no matter what age you are, in a way that is appropriate and accessible to you and your abilities. The courses are based around the colours of the rainbow and use the emotional themes of the chakras alongside mindfulness practices, emotional awareness and other stress management techniques.